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Sandhir Online Media Gateway

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Dhirja and Sandipan
Dhirja and Sandipan

This section of the site provides access to a number of our online albums.
There are over 120,000 photographs and videos in our repositories.
You can see some of our photographs in the banner on this website.

Four Albums

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The Digital Photgraph Albums cover photos and videos from 2001 through now. The Scans cover older photo albums scanned into digital files. The other two albums are links to older album software we wrote manually before 2001.

Our Family Photo Albums - The Digital Photographs

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The albums page is the most popular page on the site. Below, you will find links to our latest photo and video albums. Some of the YouTube links will require a login for access. UserID is and the password is friendsforever.

These albums reflect our family's latest adventures, activities and updates.

For a comprehensive list of albums (we have over 1,300 at this point with over 120,000 photos/videos), please click Album to open up the full list of albums on a new page.

The Latest Albums

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The first two albums are auto-published by Sandipan's (3rd Generation of album software, now at Version 34.)
Please allow a few minutes for the images to be downloaded.
Pictures, Python Publisher code and ECMA262 code (c) 2000-2011 Sandipan Gangopadhyay.
ECMAscript DOM API works best on MS(R) IE(R) version 4 and up, and Netscape 6.
Due to an ongoing conflict between Linux Fedora 14, Python 2.7 and the Python Imaging Library, (Fedora bug, Python bug), the photograph emailers are NOT working until further notice. The slideshow pages offer a gmail associated free service for mailing out images.


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References and Other Links

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