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Sandipan, Durga Puja, 2010
Sandipan, Durga Puja, 2010


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Believe in Buddha as he is a great scholar who was a human like any one of us who enjoyed every thing in life, attached to his Life, wife and kid.
But for a person who lived with riches, He went searching for peace.
Buddhism is all about being finding peace within ourselves.
To really find peace you really dont need anything just watch Buddha :)


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Music one of the beautiful discoveries made so far.
Its a way to connect to things around you, Feel every emotion, great way to express if words arent enough.
I really love Old music.
My fav song amoung the 100's are:
  • Na Tum Hamein Jaano
  • Yeh Nayan Dare Dare
  • The essense of these songs talks about the strong bond between two souls.
    Intimacy - nothing physical but yet so close!


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    One medium where I am at peace not thinking about my work.
    Makes me feel lighter and bit closer to My Heart.

    Target Shooting

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    I Like Target Shooting.
    Holding a gun straight up and shooting a target makes me feels so empowered.
    Something so liberating.
    I pursue this as a hobby, I do have my opinions on the wars and destruction that people cause using this powerful weapon.


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    I am trying to learn Animation...Let's see where I will be on that.
    Will post my new story when my partner and I make one :)

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